KapApp Frequently Asked Questions!

What is new in KapApp?

KapApp is the new capacity modeling tool, replacing the Expert Sizer. Its new features are:

  •       - Web-based and Mobile : It can be accessed through a web browser or mobile device. There is nothing to download or install.
  •       - Reduced Number of Questions : There are only 8 required business questions to do a sizing in KapApp.
  •       - Online Storage of Files : Files are saved through the application and can be opened from any machine.
  •       - Collaboration : Files can be opened and reviewed by others without emailing the old .hst files.
  •       - Best Practices Validation : After implementation, give the host and credentials of a customers WFC server, and KapApp will validate the WFC properties against          Performance Best Practices, reporting any that are not following the recommendations.
There are more features planned, and Performance Engineering will update the tool with a new feature as soon as its ready because KapApp is following the DevOps model.

How do I access KapApp on a PC?

Open a web browser and go to https://performance.kronos.com/KapApp

What web browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer 10 and above, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are supported. If Internet Explorer is used, Compatibility View must be turned off for the site.

How do I access KapApp on a mobile device?

The mobile apps are not in the app stores at this time. Please email us at SizingTools@kronos.com about the KapApp mobile app, and specify whether you want are interested in the iOS or Android app.

How do I register?

On the main page, press Register, and enter your information and a password. Then go back to the main page and sign in. Your email address is your username. Users will have to be approved first following the standard approval process, before they can use KapApp.

Where did all the questions go?

In KapApp, there are only 8 business questions required to complete a sizing, which get answered under Configuration. The 150+ questions and use case overlaps from the Expert Sizer were very technical and often not known by the customer. They have been moved to Assumptions. The assumptions and overlaps have default typical values determined by the answers to the Configuration questions.

If you wish to see the assumptions used, calculate a sizing first and then look at the bottom of Hardware. There is a link to go to the Assumptions page. You can change the assumptions and overlaps from their defaults and recalculate if you know a customer or prospective customer has an uncommon usage or configuration.

Can I import a file created by the Expert Sizer?

Yes, the old .hst files can be imported into KapApp. Press the menu at the top where the current file name (or Untitled File) is, and then go to Files. Then press Import .hst, select the .hst file on your system and it will be imported into KapApp. Files cannot be imported on mobile devices.

Can I export a file to the old file format? Will it work with the Hardware Recommendations Report (HRR) SmartTool?

Yes, files can be exported to .hst and downloaded. After calculating and saving a file, press the file name at the top to open a menu, and press Download. The file will be downloaded in .hst format. You will either be prompted to select the location to save the file or will be saved directly to a folder (e.g. the Downloads folder). This depends on the settings of the browser being used. Files cannot be downloaded onto mobile devices. The Hardware Recommendation Report SmartTool for v8 is able to use .hst files from KapApp.

What will happen to the Expert Sizer?

The Expert Sizer is being discontinued and will no longer be supported.